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Myspace - Cortney Tidwell - Joni Mitchell tribute (blog)

Gevonden op de myspace van Cortney Tidwell :
When i first heard there was going to be joni mitchell tribute record, i was excited, elated and bummed because i could not be a part of it... so much of my musical existence stems from her music, her ideas, her courage and strength. she is the biggest inspiration to me still.... for the last twenty years of my life she was there, when no one else could be found. and she seemed to understand my feelings, she had the answers to my questions..

and i wonder if these people who contribute in her honor, love her like i do.. ?? i wonder..

she deserves our respect.. she deserves yours , she deserves mine, she is a wizard of poetry... her lyrics are, in my opinion, some of if not the most important of our time.. her creativity with rhythm and words combined, is special.. she has a special gift and she deserves to be honored and adored..

she is a queen.. she is a dream... with all these men (dylan, young, ) around stealing all her glory all these years.
( i love dylan mind you, but she was never recognized like he was and still is) when they get around to it,, they will realise how important.. how superior she is.. she is in another time, and place.. she has insight like no other woman.. she interprets our feelings, our vulnerabilty and transforms it into something beautiful.. ... her perception of the female mind is amazing.. she is amazing..

so let it be known that i worship at the altar of joni.
forever and always


Myspace - Cortney Tidwell

courtneyVorige week hoorde ik op de radio een pracht van een nummer: "Missing link" van Cortney Tidwell. Genoeg redenen om zelf eens op zoek te gaan naar meer info. Veel heb ik niet gevonden. Ik weet dat het een zangeresje is uit Nashville en dat ze een ongelukkige jeugd heeft gehad (wie niet). Haar moeder pleegde eind jaren negentig zelfmoord na een leven vol depressies. En die depressies van haar ma hadden tot gevolg dat Cortney het grootste deel van haar jeugd op haar kamer doorbracht, vol afkeer luisterend naar het obsessieve pianospel van haar mama... En dan toch nog een carriere als zangeres beginnen? chapeau!

Gevonden op haar myspace:

comfort me
in truth

by heart and soul youll never know where beauty lies..
youll never know when fair love dies only when it stabs you far too soon
looking up
falling stars for answers..
i dont get them
passing back and forth beyond our memory
traipsing up and down beyond the cemetary gate
i know here lies
my fate
i know she lies
while here
i wait

to be rescued ..

by who .? by you?
im no fool

only fond of futures i be and more and more im able to see light thru the darkness dark i am and i will cling to seasons of my youth seasons gone no truth

just illusion

and need for something more.

. more wishes i cannot hide..

and dreams sometimes



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