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Playlist: back to the 90ies (part 1)

Een selectie van wat de jaren 90 ons te bieden hadden : 

sonic youth

Arno Charles et les Lulus - It's all over now

Living Colour - Love rears its ugly head

Magnapop - Merry

PJ Harvey - Sheela na gig

Concrete Blonde - Someday?

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Straight to you

Claw Boys Claw - Rosie

Alice in Chains - Would?

The tragically hip - Courage

Rage against the machine - Killing in the name

Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane

Blind Melon - No rain

Soundgarden - Spoonman

Kristin Hersh - Your ghost

Oasis - Live forever

Beck - Beercan

Live - Selling the drama

Morphine - Super sex

Cypress Hill - Throw your set in the air

Clawfinger - Do what I say


In onze deezer-playlist vind je er een boel meer

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