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Short list - November 2011 (new releases)

School is cool  -  the world is gonna end tonight
Florence & the machine  -  shake it out
Joe goddard  ft. valentina  -  gabriel
The strokes  -  machu picchu
Lana del rey  -  video games
Intergalactic lovers  -  howl
Kasabian  -  re-wired
Arctic monkeys  -  suck it and see
Admiral freebee  -  old angel midnight
Birdy - Skinny love
Bon Iver - Holocene
Amatorski - Never told
Selah Sue - Summertime
Agnes Obel - Brother sparrow
Arsenal - High venus
Elbow - Dear friends
James Blake - A case of you
Jonathan Jeremiah - Lost
Ryan Adams - Lucky now
Fleet foxes - Battery kinzie
The Rolling stones - no spare parts
Oh land - sun of a gun
Starkeeper - Elle

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