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School is cool - the world is gonna end tonight ( lyrics & clip )

I think you need a little helping hand
to get you back in line,
don't think I don't know you're stranded.
I don't believe in a personal god,
how come, when he says he loves me, he makes me ugly?
I got it from good source, say your prayers and goodbyes
the world is gonna end tonight.

I hope your friends have gotten over this,
I know when you got troubles you just tell it like it is.
It's not the same for the man without heart,
he just sits around while the room falls apart.
I just goes to show but not by a long sight,
the world is gonna end tonight.

I know that it's hard, but no were not stuck
with a lotta determination and a bit of luck
we'll just wrestle eachother to the break of day
and then I'll give up, and that's OK
and we'll stay together for fifty-odd years,
but not quite 'cause
the world is gonna end tonight.

on a bed, never slept upon

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