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Popnieuws: White Stripes stoppen er mee ! (de officiele verklaring)

white stripesThe white stripes zijn niet meer. Echt verrassend nieuws is dit niet, want de band stond de laatste jaren al op non-actief. Reden hiervoor de vele nevenprojecten van Jack White (the dead weather en raconteurs) én de angstaanvallen van Meg White de voorbije jaren. Al wil de band dat zelf niet zo gezegd hebben.

Officieel klinkt het zo :

"The reason is not due to artistic differences or lack of wanting to continue. Nor any health issues as both Meg and Jack are feeling fine and in good health. It is for a myriad of reasons, but mostly to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band and have it stay that way."

"Both Meg and Jack hope this decision isn't met with sorrow by their fans but that is is seen as a positive move done out of respect for the music that the band has created. It is also done with the utmost respect to those fans who've shared in those creations, with their feelings considered greatly."

"The White Stripes do not belong to Meg and Jack anymore, The White Stripes belong to you now and you can do with it whatever you want. The beauty of art and music is that it can last forever if people want it to. Thank you for sharing this experience. Your involvement will never be lost on us and we are truly grateful."

Voor de platenmaatschappij is dit waarschijnlijk het ideale moment voor enkele verzamelcd's, live-cd's en een heleboel onuitgegeven materiaal... to be continued.

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