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Goldfrapp - Rocket / head first (new album!)

goldfrapp-headfirst150-517x517Goldfrapp zal een van de komende weken hun nieuw album "head first" uitbrengen. Voorloper is Rocket, een plaatje dat intussen al op het web te horen is. Ook de cover kunt u hier al bekijken...

Na het intimistische en dromerige "seventh tree" keert de band terug naar haar oudere sound: poppy 80ies.

Alison schrijft er hetvolgende over (Goldfrapp blog) :

hello everyone, how ya doin?

it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, non-stop since i got back from my brief jaunt in italy.  we shot the video for ‘rocket’ which will be with you soon.  it was a blast!  really hope you like it.

so, as you know, ‘rocket’ was out and about before it should have been and i just want to say that, of course we knew straight away that some silly bugger had stuck it up on the net, but what can you do?!!

obviously this wasn’t the plan and i’m sorry some of you on the message board were upset by it.  i just want you to know that it wasn’t our intention and was completely beyond our control.  unfortunately this seems to happen all the time these days.

anyway, i’m really so pleased that you’re liking the track.

catch up soon, all lovexxxxxxxxxx

Rocket kan je hier alvast beluisteren.

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