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Myspace - Lily Allen vs Amy Winehouse

Gelezen op de blog van Lily Allen:  Every interview I do at the moment Im getting asked how I feel about Amy Winehouse , It's starting to really piss me off . I really like Amy and am totally supportive of her .
Why do people always try and play women off against eachother the whole time ? Yes Amy and I are both english and yes , were both in our early twenties . Why don't they try and crrate a feud between me and James Morrison or Amy and Paulo Nutini ? Or why not create a rivalry between the boys . I think there is something seriously wrong with this part of our culture.
On the same subject ,I read an article about Mutya Buena's gig at the borderline the other day. It read " The likes of LILY ALLEN, NATASHA BEDINGFIELD and AMY WINEHOUSE should watch out – Mutya is definitely here to stay. "
Why write this , I certainly didn't go into music to compete against other artists , and I very much doubt anyone else does . What I do is , what I do. And what Amy does is what amy does . The two have got fuck all to do with eachother . It's so boring and complete rubbish .

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